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In Viaggio con Lola
An extraordinary Love Story
From Slovenja to France on the most beautiful roads of Europe

Who I am

Lola was born 15 June 2002 and gone on the Rainbow Bridge 8 November 2019.

During Her extraordinary long life, Lola has covered almost 100.000 km by motor-bike.

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But Lola was not born to be a motor-biker; she became it for love towards her owners, due to the fact that the motor-bike represents not the “aim” but the “means” to stay together with her family’s human beings and to share with them ever more new experiences.

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During more than 15 years lived as a motor-biker, Lola became the mascot of many traveller; she took place to different charitable events and she promoted money collections bound to works of charity for abandoned pets, both dogs , cats and for to delivery eight Guide Dogs to blind peoples. 

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Lola brought people together and created bonds of friendship and solidarity.

Lola and her motor-bike

Lola’s adventure by bike started when she was only 5 months, and from the beginning it was a real "proposa": Lola knew at first the basket and gradually the motor-bike as a fixed "item", the basket on the bike, the bike going without the eng


Lola's way of travelling

Lola’s way of travelling is inside a sort of wind-waterproof basket, which is steadily fixed to motor’s tank by means of a suitable cover-tank, made expressly for Her; practically a real prototype, not in trade. Lola’s basket is&


Lola's equipment

Lola wears a pair of glasses made in Germany, expressly for sledge dogs, that can be bought directly by the manufacture’s web-site. Lola uses them exclusively for protecting her eyes from wind, insects or everything which can represent a dan


Motorbike driving

From a dynamic point of view, the presence of Lola on the bike’s tank does not make any change to the motor-bike performance, neither during straight nor during turning directions; but it is necessary to have a great driving familiarity and&


How is lola's travelling with

Lola’s owners have radically changed their way "to live their motor-bike". Every journey implies, for them, to place themselves practically at Lola’s disposal and service, adapting everything to Lola’s needs: both the destination


Lola's itineraries

Every long or short journey with Lola, must represent Lola’s opportunity to satisfy her “wolf” nature (which every dog brings inside itself); it means not only turns” or “sharp turns” but also runs on the grass,





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During Her lonf life, Lola has been the testimonial of many beneficial initiatives. Every charitable work to which Lola has associated her image and her own name, has been organized under the Ravenna Municipal Administration Sponsorship for to promote much better the Animal Rights. The costs of some initiatives, have always been supported directly by "Lola's family" , and muc others by important sposors "Friends of Lola". The public presentation of the most important charitable initiatives of Lola was carried out at the Municipality of Ravenna, in the presence of the City Authorities and local media. The donation of funds raised to beneficiaries (non-profit organizations) has always been carried out in total transparency and in ways that guarantee the traceability of payments: check and bank transfer.The charitable works items as calendars and key-rings have been distributed by some Ravenna's shops and on lne with Lola's web site and Her Facebook page. The Lola's Family is particularly proud of the eight Guide Dogs delivered to as many italian blind persons.


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